Our Clients

Law Firms

Law firms increasingly rely on investigative intelligence and forensic expertise to assist in complex litigation. Surefire Intelligence has vast experience in providing litigation support to prestigious international law firms. We often assist with asset tracing and recovery, fraud detection, anti-money laundering investigations and exposure of corruption in governmental and financial institutions.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions work with Surefire Intelligence to gain an edge in today's complex global financial markets. From ensuring transaction integrity, to auditing professional and financial track records to detecting fraud and tracing misappropriated assets, Surefire is uniquely equipped to preserve and protect financial institutions from potentially devastating damage. 

International Corporations

International Corporations have become increasingly dependent on gaining and processing mountains of intelligence about their own businesses and their competition. Surefire Intelligence specializes in designing and implementing world-class intelligence infrastructure for private sector businesses. 

High Net-Worth Individuals

There are a multitude of unique challenges that are faced by today's high net-worth individuals. From ltitagation, to blackmail, political persecution and targeted cyber-attacks. With Surefire Intelligence on retainer, high net-worth individuals are able to quickly and reliably neutralize strategic threats.